How to Make Money Flipping Instagram Accounts

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In this video, you will learn about how to make money flipping Instagram accounts. If you get good, you could make it a full-time business just flipping a few accounts every year.


this video I’m going to go over exactly how I was able to buy Instagram themed pages and then sell them for a profit to make a quick but I’m even going to go into my phone here and show you guys DM conversations of how I was able to buy these Pages can I go over how much you can make I’m going to go over everything for you guys so you can do the same make some money with this let’s get into it.

Joe what’s going on guys might even be a heads-up welcome to another video first of all before we dive into today’s topic which I’m really hyped about by the way I just want to say a quick thank you for all the support lately I think we’re at like 25 thousand subscribers just pretty crazy of seeing some nice growth I appreciate all the comments all the DM’s all that good stuff I usually don’t express my gratitude in this videos but that’s just because I feel like you guys would rather have me dive straight into the topic than say how thankful I am every video but I just want you guys to know that I’m really thankful for all the support now it’s driving to the video so this is going to be the first video on this side hustle series and I wanted to start with buying and selling Instagram Pages because I’ve gotten a ton of questions about this I’ve mentioned that I’ve done it in the past and this sounds kind of Whack Him and you hear people talking about selling shoutouts on Instagram dropshipping from Instagram never really here about people flipping Instagram pages but I sure he was a real thing and that’s what we’re going to go over today so step one you obviously have to buy a page and now there’s a whole lot of different websites and exchange.

the line will people buy and sell Instagram pages but that’s not where you want to buy them the reason for that is that if someone’s putting in that much effort to sell it there going on these exchanges one that there might be something wrong with that account or two there flipping that count themselves so the money to be made off that account of flipping that account has already been made aware you actually want to buy accounts is by buying them from people who weren’t really planning on selling them and you can find those people by just simply dming different Instagram themed Pages straight up on Instagram and asking if they want to sell it and if you’re on the edge of Battle Theme page you it’s kind of a wipe down still send them a DM because if you can get it for the right price there’s pretty much money to be made with anything page now little bit about the types of accounts you should buy first of all you have to make sure it’s in a profitable Niche and you can tell it’s in a profitable Niche because if you look at the bigger accounts in the same space as the page you looking to buy and you got to check with their posting advertisements because of their posting advertisements that means there’s money being put into this Niche and it’s a profitable.

don’t count how many times has said niche in the sentence personally I would never recommend you spend more than $500 on a single theme page but that’s just because I have a special strategy that I’m going to go over of buying certain types of accounts and I’m not really heard anybody talk about it so you heard it here first make sure you subscribe my whole strategy when I was doing this was to find accounts between like 20 to 50 60,000 followers are getting amazing engagement I mean we’re talking tons of likes compared to their followers posts were getting on the explore page stuff like that so for my personal experience of going Instagram pages I knew that it was in that all arranged that the pages were getting really good engagement it’s only a matter of time before they get into the hundreds of thousands of followers and even milliyet now I know that and you guys know that but if someone’s drawing a face for the first time they might not know that so for you buying the page is sort of like buying Apple before they release the first iPhone so if you can find an account that sell like thirty thousand followers in a profitable Niche with good engaged.

Audi come and let you pay around $300 for it give her taken if you’re really confident about it and it has a little more followers maybe even boost at to four hundred dollars what you want to do next is just sit on it for a while just keep on posting on that page keep on growing it and once you grow to a certain amount of followers that’s when you want to sell so now I want to go ahead and jump into my phone and show you guys some DM conversations I was having when I was buying Instagram three pages back in like early 2018 I’m going to show you guys how those deals ended up flying out for me and how much I was able to make with that so first up we got a little page that I found out I was around Thirty Something thousand followers that had really good engagement so I sent him a DM saying hey would you be interested in selling your page they said that they don’t didn’t want to sell this one he wanted to sell another one but then I checked it out I wasn’t interested in this one and I told him to let him know they changed their mind a fast forward a week later I’m coming home from like a 10-hour shift at work a physical labor it’s a 2-hour drive back and I get this damn it was on 4th of July to saying I’m selling this page.

I said awesome what are you asking for it they said $320 I said would you take a hundred Summers shrewd negotiation they’re always wanted to go sheet on these Pages because usually the first price that gave you isn’t going to be the price you’re going to buy for to think it might be in this conversation because I was really set on buying this page was a really good one and then they asked me are you okay this isn’t a joke I hope you know that I hope you see that this page has 30k which I reply to with yeah sorry you’re right I didn’t have time to inspect when I gave you that offer I was a work would you go to 50 so I try to get the price lower and lower but it didn’t really work out then so then I agree to go with the offer of $320 that they gave me so I said okay 3:20 when I send the payment please don’t log out right away at a blade pop up and ask that you give me permission to login something you also want to mention when you’re buying a cage because that does happen there is something is good that they’re going to get a notification either on the phone number or phone that’s going to ask them to give you permission so I can so make sure you write that when you’re buying these pages.

this person said okay send the money through friends and family so I can get it today business takes a long time now if you don’t know what they meant by send money through friends and family this is a very important concept all the business. On Instagram is done through PayPal be the last to payment options when is friends and family leather is goods and services know if you pay through friends and family there’s no way you can get your money back it’s pretty much want to send it you send it but if you pay through goods and services and the person on the other end doesn’t give you what they promised you can contact people and get your money back that’s not the reason sellers don’t want you to pay for goods and services is because PayPal takes a percentage of their cut when you do so they don’t want to lose out on their money and they’re going to try to convince you to pay through friends and family now you should no matter what story they tell you what kind of excuse they come up with never paid through friends and family I’ve met I’ve slipped up and made this mistake before I I got convinced it’s been through friends and family ended up losing like $300 when I paid the guy for the account and she never gave it to me which.

play suck that was going to spend the money at the time I was going to spend the money on college textbooks then I got scammed out of it so that was a bad time but don’t repeat my mistakes I learned a lesson from that hope you guys do too so back to the DM conversation things ended up going pretty smoothly and I ended up buying the count for $320 and the first thing you want to do when you buy a brand new account if you want to change the email I mean obviously should change the password first but you also have to change your email because if you don’t what the seller can do is go back tight end their account name had forgot password on Instagram and the password reset is going to be sent to their email and they can get that come back like that so make sure you change it to your email to a new email as soon as possible and I actually ended up never selling this account and if I go on it today you can see that it’s almost at seven hundred thousand followers and Ibotta account on July 4th it’s currently May 7th so that hasn’t even been a year and I was able to grow this account by this much I mean I didn’t really do anything special this account I just kept on.

posting and running yet but because I found it at the right place I knew that it was going to explode I was able to grow it exponentially so the reason I didn’t end up selling it is because you can actually make a lot more up Instagram accounts if you sell shoutouts or start dropshipping from them that kind of stuff than you would from a one-time flip now actually had multiple people’s DME on this page and asking to buy it and when I asked what do you want to offer they throw like six $7,000 as their first offer and I just from people reaching out to me that’s me not putting in effort is a song the page actually put some effort into it and found the right buyer mean that number probably be closer to $10,000 now I’m not telling you because you can make way way more from other forms of monetizing Instagram pages but if I were to sell it that’s going from $320 to close to $10,000 in a short. Of 10 months I mean the how good of an investment is that that’s like Bitcoin percentage is right there but I mean you got to use your best Judgment of whether you want to sell a page or not if it has a bunch of dead in Act.

followers you’re not going to make money with them so might be better sell it in that case or if someone gives you a ridiculously high offer again they might be better to sell it because you can make more money that way so that’s how to recommend you buy accounts I mean that’s the big thing with us buying the right account that’s the biggest hurdle you have to cross the biggest challenge of this whole process and if you have the right account I would recommend you try to find other forms of modern sedation before you go selling it if you want to be really lazy to sign up for website called shout guard is going to automate the whole shot out process for you so you can slowly make your money back that way and then some but if you really want to sell the page there’s a couple of routes you can go first of all you might just get someone reaching out to you asking if you want to sell it the way I reach out to people and the way people reached out to me previously to you can upload it to one of those exchanges I was talking about earlier because it’s not a good place to buy Instagram accounts but he can be a good place to sell them and another ways that you can actually reach out to a counselor in the same Niche has the account you want to sell butter much bigger you can ask.

they’re interested in buying up your accounts it seems kind of out there but this is actually something they can definitely work if you really think about it this whole business model of buying and selling Instagram pages is exactly like real estate you buy a beat-up house AKA you buy an Instagram page with low followers you build it up a gay you renovate the house and then you either sell the house or you move tenants in and slowly make your money back which is something you do with your Instagram page you can either sell it or slowly make your money back with other forms of monetization except it’s not going to take 30 years like it does with the house it’s going to take a few months anyway.

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